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Are you looking for warehouse and logistics personnel for your company?


Every day, experienced logistics planners, warehouse clerks, pickers and warehouse employees as well as dispatchers and many more take a look at our job exchange. In addition, we have numerous helpers and temporary staff from various specialist areas in our pool of experts, whom we are happy to place with you. With K&K you can quickly and easily find experienced employees and short-term temporary workers with whom you can perfectly fill your vacant positions in warehouse and logistics.

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Are you looking for skilled or unskilled workers for warehouse and logistics?

We support you in finding qualified and motivated warehouse staff and logisticians.

Since 1993, we have been your strategic partner for fast, flexible and long-term personnel solutions.

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Warehouse and logistics personnel for projects and permanent employment

K&K supports you in your search for competent personnel for warehousing and logistics in long-term and temporary projects. As a strategic partner in personnel matters, we offer the entire spectrum of personnel services.

Direct placement

Your goal:

Find ideal new employees for your company quickly and in the long term

Our solution:

By means of specific direct search assignments, we find the candidate who fits your needs.

Employee leasing

Your goal:

Find dedicated personnel at short notice, e.g. to support peak orders in day-to-day business, as a substitute or in the event of staff shortages.

Our solution:

We “lend” you employees with suitable know-how and qualifications for up to 18 months.

Master Vendor

Your goal:

Someone who is responsible for recruiting in your company and organizes and coordinates personnel independently.

Our solution:

We will provide you with an on-site manager who will ensure and manage the recruitment of personnel on your premises in line with your orders and requirements.

Contract for work

Your goal:

Outsource production or parts of it, do not recruit and hire your own employees.

Our solution:

We carry out the agreed work with our employees on our own responsibility with all rights and obligations as an employer.


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