Metal and mechanical engineering specialist m/f
Your requirements
  • You would like to work in Germany
  • You are willing to learn the German language in your home country
We offer you
  • A suitable work position in Germany
  • Financial support for language training in your home country
  • Native-speaking contact persons and on-site support from the first day onwards
  • Assistance with travel, finding accommodation and dealing with the authorities
  • Funding opportunities for further language education in Germany
What you can expect
  • Preparing workpieces and components on the basis of working documents
  • Precise alignment and binding of metal parts with welding spots
  • Assembling plant and construction components
  • Application of various welding processes (e.g. MAG, TIG, electric or gas)
What you bring with you
  • Welder's certificates for certain welding procedures
  • Work experience in welding
  • Good physical resilience
  • Accurate and self-reliant working methods
  • Technical understanding
  • Class B driving licence is an advantage
Our philosophy: Success is what follows when you follow yourself.

We have various customers and assignments from Mecklenburg Western Pomerania to Bavaria. An indication of the salary can only be expressed during contact if it is clear for which assignment you are applying and which qualifications you are bringing with you.

How to contact us

Get in touch with our point of contact, who will respond to you immediately and answer your questions. You can use email, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other means of communication for this purpose:

K&K social resources and development GmbH
Brückenstraße 5a, D-10179 Berlin

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Position: Metal and mechanical engineering specialist m/f

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