Preparation for successful intercultural cooperation

Intercultural and diversity training for management, executives and employees

Our intercultural and diversity trainings make diversity tangible and enable a change of perspective that strengthens you for intercultural cooperation.

One focus of our comprehensive integration concept is to introduce organizations and companies to the culture-specific characteristics of their international specialists and diversity-appreciating recommendations for action in the context of live training sessions.

The goal is an in-depth examination of cultural imprints and diversity-sensitive topics as well as the acquisition of intercultural and diversity-oriented competencies through a professional and methodical approach.

At K&K, we want to support you in developing a work culture in which new and existing employees feel comfortable.

Valuing diversity – gaining potential

Topics we deal with in the trainings


How can we support international professionals in settling in?


How do intercultural differences affect everyday working life?


How can we make securing skilled labor sustainable for everyone involved?


What are some ways to mitigate initial language barriers?

Diversity training for managers and employees

In our diversity training courses, we provide managers and local teams with country- and culture-specific knowledge and features, thus preparing them to welcome their future colleagues from abroad. In addition, we pass on valuable recommendations for action for long-term, successful cooperation that is as conflict-free as possible.

A captivating mix of interactive exercises, simulations and role plays offer participants the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and thoughts on intercultural cooperation and to develop their own strategies for action.

Valuing diversity – gaining potential

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Our training formats can be booked individually, in combination or adapted to the circumstances of your company.

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