Integration & Diversity

In the spirit of „valuing diversity, gaining potential“, we offer businesses the opportunity to create a change of perspective for sustainable recruitment abroad!Follow a journey of exciting intercultural encounters and become a diversity ambassador too! Intercultural and diversity skills enable us to interact with people from different backgrounds and origins in a more appreciative and […]


In a world where discrimination and violence still exists, we are trying to raise awareness of help and support that everyone can do to the LGBTQ+ community, we came across an interesting artice of ways anyone can provide support to LBGT youth. Some of the things generally everyone can do are: Don’t make assumptions about […]

Interview with Alaa

Like many others in his circumstances, Alaa arrived in Germany in 2013, fleeing from the war and Assad’s regime. He fled Syria at the age of 18 and faced quite a journey. He went through many traumatic events, and in two different situations his heart stopped beating – one time after walking for 2 days […]

Leonardo Davinci

We continue to shed a light on key historical figures who have changed the world and who belong to the LGBTQ+ community. Such characteristics were not celebrated throughout history, and it’s time to celebrate them now as our world evolves to be more inclusive, and diversity is more embraced than it ever was. The phenomenal […]

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

On August 29, 1867, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs mustered all his courage and stepped onto the lectern at the German Jurist Day in front of 500 lawyers and legal scholars and demanded in Munich’s Concert Hall Odeon: that one must revise the existing criminal law in order to value a group of innocent people and end […]

German Diversity Day

Among many other things, biases can be uncomfortably direct, implicit, deeply humiliating, deviously subtle, cleverly hidden or honestly unintentional. But most often, they are dangerous and harmful to the affected people. It is not something that we should downplay and trivialise. On the contrary, we need to learn more about our biases, reflect upon them […]

Medical and nursing

We are proud to be contributing in providing Germany with skilled workers that are needed, especially in the medical field/ nursing! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Wir sind stolz darauf, dazu beizutragen, dass Deutschland die benötigten Fachkräfte, insbesondere im medizinischen Bereich/Pflegebereich, bekommt!

Why you should consider a future in Germany?

Starting with a great motivation to continue what we do, knowing that our services have a very positive impact on our country’s economy! Have a look at this short informative article about the future plan of Germany for skilled workers in different fields. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wir beginnen mit einer großen Motivation, das fortzusetzen, was wir […]

Messe Essen

We were delighted to participate one more time in the Altenpflegemesse, which took place in Essen, Germany this year. This conference presented several innovative solutions and technologies for the nursing and medical industry in Germany and Europe. We look forward to many more chances to develop meaningful connections and growth opportunities! __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wir haben uns […]

Happy birthday

Happy, happier, happiest birthday to Doreen Ziehnert, our CEO, and to Ha Phuong Le-Fitzek, our Diversity & Integration Project Manager. They surprised everyone in our Berlin office today with lots of drinks, delicious pizzas (our love language) and lots of good laughs! We wish you all the best in another year to come and hope […]